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Our Mission: Recovery Capital- Helping our residents develop the internal and external resources needed to achieve and maintain recovery from substance misuse as well as make behavioral changes.
Our Vision- To lead men who have been captured by addiction or other life controlling issues to freedom through a Christ-centered, long-term, residential program.

What is Recovery Capital?

At Springs of Life we look to help our residents build recovery capital. Recovery capital is defined as the internal and external resources necessary for an individual to achieve and maintain recovery from substance misuse as well as make behavioral changes. Recovery Capital recognizes that a variety of elements can support or jeopardize recovery; these include social networks, physical, human, cultural and community issues. Recovery capital differs from individual to individual.
We look to help our residents connect with the community, staff and one another. We help our residents find hope and an identity that has purpose. We look to provide our residents with opportunities that empower them to develop meaningful lives.
Residents will gain understanding and stability as they apply each set of tools taught in our three phases. Our small group settings and daily activities will help residents process and discover important recovery skills that transcend into practical, healthy living habits.


Personal Capital

Personal Recovery capital includes an individual’s physical and human capital. Physical capital is the available resources to fulfill a person’s basic needs, like their health, healthcare, financial resources, clothing, food, safe and habitable shelter, and transportation.

Human Capital

Human Capital relates to a person’s abilities, skills, and knowledge, like problem-solving, education and credentials, self-esteem, the ability to navigate challenging situations and achieve goals, interpersonal skills, and a sense of meaning and purpose in life. 

Family/Social Recovery Capital

Family/Social Recovery Capital are resources that relate to intimate relationships with friends and family, relationships with people in recovery, and supportive partners. It also includes the availability of recovery-related social events. 

Community Recovery Capital

Community Recovery Capital includes attitudes, policies, and resources specifically related to helping individuals resolve substance use disorders. 

What are the benefits of recovery capital?

Put simply, recovery capital can help sustain recovery and reduce the risks of returning to use by increasing a person’s support system. Recovery capital can determine the success of natural and assisted recovery, improve coping strategies and enhance the quality of life in long-term recovery, and end addiction careers. 


Weekly drug screenings will be administered during all phases of the program.
GED classes are available onsite.
Creative writing classes are available on weekends.
​The University of Tennessee provides wellness classes on site that include healthy menu planning and the development of culinary skills.
Vocational skills are taught through our community development programs.

Below is a full list of services residents receive:

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