On The Horizon

TCAT Track

We are currently working towards post-treatment housing in connection with TCAT enrollment. We are currently working towards a partnership with TCAT that will offer free schooling for residents willing to participate in 1200 hour course to receive a certification in welding. This housing and school option will only be available for graduates of the program.

Solid Grounds

Solid Grounds will be a community coffee shop located at 189 South Main Street, Jellico, TN. Below is a description of services we hope to offer at this location.

We hope to provide a positive and safe environment that provides quality products, exceptional service, and a safe space for fellowship and fun.
The coffee shop will serve multiple generations; however, we have a specific vision for the younger generation. The evening hours would be filled with services and events such as live music, movie nights, and trivia nights. Below is a list of services we hope to provide.

Our Vision for Solid Grounds:

We seek to provide the Jellico community with:

Long Term Vision

Springs of Life Garden

Springs of Life Garden is a vision that would entail two 30’ x 72’ High Tunnels. This service would provide produce for “Solid Grounds Cafe” menu items and enable Springs of Life Recovery Center to provide free produce on a weekly basis to those in need. We also envision a nursery that may offer an additional stream of revenue and help offset some cost related to the free services we offer.

Springs of Life Construction

Springs of Life construction is a vision to purchase, renovate, and sell dilapidated homes within our local region. This would enable Springs of Life Recovery Center to offer trades skills training and job placement to residents and post residents of the recovery program. It would also provide newly renovated and affordable homes to the residents of the area.

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Address: P.O. Box 893, Jellico, TN, 37762