On The Horizon

TCAT Track

We are currently working towards post-treatment housing in connection with TCAT enrollment. We are currently working towards a partnership with TCAT that will offer free schooling for residents willing to participate in 1200 hour course to receive a certification in welding. This housing and school option will only be available for graduates of the program.

Solid Grounds

Solid Grounds will be a community coffee shop located at 189 South Main Street, Jellico, TN. Below is a description of services we hope to offer at this location.

We hope to provide a positive and safe environment that provides quality products, exceptional service, and a safe space for fellowship and fun.
The coffee shop will serve multiple generations; however, we have a specific vision for the younger generation. The evening hours would be filled with services and events such as live music, movie nights, and trivia nights. Below is a list of services we hope to provide.

Our Vision for Solid Grounds:

We seek to provide the Jellico community with:

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Address: P.O. Box 893, Jellico, TN, 37762